Thursday, September 1, 2011

You Don't Know Unless You Try It

This is not a recipe - well, there is a recipe to the above picture, but I am not sharing it...believe me, you don't want it! :-) I was just adding a few posts and thinking how the awesome thing about recipe blogs is that they give you a chance to see things you may want to try. I have tried many recipes off of blogs that we have loved and some that we have hated...however, they all get me thinking and they have given variety to my family meals and treats.

I took a picture of this before we ate it in case it was wonderful and I could post it for all of you. I don't think this tasted awful, but the fact that curry filled my entire house and seeped through all of our clothes for the next 3 days, made this a definite NO on our votes as whether to keep this recipe or not.

Here's hoping that this blog gives you a few recipes that you love and ones that you can add to your recipe book!

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